Week 1 I’m starting with a run cycle and have completed the animation for the legs.

Week 2 and I’m done with the animation for the rest of the body.

Week 3 I decided to scrap the idea of the run cycle and start blocking for the first shot of my fight sequence.

Week 4 Completed the animation for this shot.

Week 5 Started blocking for Beefy of the next shot.

Week 6 Completed the animation for Beefy.

Week 7 Proceeding on to my next shot first and have blocked out the animation for Bony

Week 8 Added in the blocking for Beefy as well.

Week 9 I’m quite satisfied with the animation for now and will come back later to improve on it.

Week 10 Blocking for the next shot.

Fight Animation

A short animation project over the course of 13 weeks.